Clever.Care Coordinator

The digital Spitex Helper

With Clever.Care Coordinator, your Spitex can now be reached via app – at any time. Clients and their relatives can communicate and coordinate with their Spitex easily, directly and securely.

Advantages of Clever.Care Coordinator

Simple coordination and communication.

Better coordination and easier communication thanks to direct contact to your clients and their relatives. Reach the right recipients directly. More relevance and less distraction. Automatic documentation of the message history.

Fewer interruptions to your work.

Receive fewer calls in the field and in the office. Triage and process requests according to urgency and importance.

Quality improvement

Better informed and satisfied clients and relatives thanks to increased transparency. Family carers also feel relieved by greater involvement.

Secure Communication

Direct and encrypted communication channel, developed according to the standards for patient data. Exclusive data storage in Switzerland.

Support for the relatives

Recently, politicians have also recognised that caring and nursing relatives need more support. They make an immense contribution to their loved ones by caring for them regularly and putting their own needs second.

With the Clever.Care Coordinator, you as a Spitex have the possibility for the first time to connect digitally with caring relatives. Information on care is thus transparent for both sides, up-to-date, available at any time and easy to coordinate.

This has advantages for both sides: caring relatives feel even more supported, as they have direct contact to Spitex and can communicate their concerns in a low-threshold manner. On the other hand, Spitex can involve the relatives more in the care and thanks to the better flow of information, the work is made easier for Spitex staff.

Reach care anywhere.

Coordinate appointments easily

Do you receive many calls from your clients about upcoming appointments? Or you need to reach your clients at short notice because of a rescheduled appointment? With Clever.Care Coordinator, appointment scheduling is transparent and easy to coordinate. Your clients and their relatives benefit from the following advantages:

Connected at all times

The exchange of information between Spitex, clients and their relatives is essential. It is not always easy to ensure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

With Clever.Care Coordinator, you have a tool at hand that connects you easily via Messenger – as simple as WhatsApp!

Simple internal communication

Do you work across multiple locations or in self-organised teams? Does this make it more difficult to exchange information with staff on organisational issues?

Provide your employees with a secure and reliable communication channel. With Clever.Care Coordinator, internal communication is secure, simple and efficient:

Why Clever.Care Coordinator?

What our customers say

"At first I thought 'Oh no, another new tool' but now I can get to all of them in one click, all the history is there, it's really great!"

Nurse, Spitex

"The CCC reduces my time on the phone and most importantly I can see that the message was read too."

Health Nurse, Spitex

"You can write back to clients on the spot, which shortens the time."

Case Manager, Spitex

About Clever.Care

Clever.Care is an e-health company that provides technology to healthcare professionals, home care patients and family caregivers to improve workplace efficiency and quality of care.

    Our mission is to help older people live in their familiar environment by optimising care. We use technology and data to:

      To realize our vision, we align interests of patients, caregivers, payers and the health care industry in a multi-stakeholder approach, with users at the center of our product design.

        We are committed to developing solutions that provides the highest quality care, protection and security for older people and their care network.

          What does Clever.Care do?

          We are being noticed Internationally

          After a public vote and a jury of experts, we were announced in June 2021 winners of the Swiss Healthcare Startup Booster Program 2021  .

          This opportunity is in collaboration with the Science and Technology Office Seoul, which invites us to explore market opportunities in South Korea in October 2021.

          View our application video below.

          We work with innovative organisations

          We work with experts and leaders in healthcare, research, technology and innovation.

          These include:

          Clever.Care Coordinator has already been featured twice in Spitex magazine:

          We are involved in collaborative research projects

          Our research project, supported by Innosuisse research funding and in collaboration with a brilliant team, was published in February 2020  Frontiers Digital Health .

          We share knowledge between academia and industry

          The exchange of knowledge between academic research and industry is important to us at Clever.Care.

          We were delighted that Health Tech World invited us to share the results of our research with their audience.

          We are part of an exciting, growing ecosystem

          Swiss Digital Health Startup Map from Health -Trends Switzerland

          Swiss 2021 Age Tech Market Landscape from The Gerontologist.

          And we would love to work with you.

          Supported by an exceptional advisory board

          Our advisory board has relevant experience in gerontology, clinical practice, innovative data management, data regulation, and assistive technology.

          Get in touch with us

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          VP Business Development
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          Clever.Care AG
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          CH-4053 Basel

          Would you like more information? We will be happy to get in touch with you!

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